The National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) have said that the delay in delivering the increased Rural Practice Allowance (RPA) and “special type consultations ” is unacceptable.

Mr Chris Goodey, NAGP CEO, said “The announcement of the Rural Practice Allowance scheme came just days before the general election, in which Dr Harty and Dr. Cowley were running. It is apparent now that the framework wasn’t in place to be able to implement the scheme within the agreed time-frame. Rural GPs have faced continuing uncertainty for the last three months and are now at crisis point”.

Mr. Goodey added: ‘The NAGP in January of this year came out in support of the initial proposal for a reformed Rural Practice Allowance which followed on from our support for Dr Liam Glynn and the No Doctor, No Village Campaign. If the IMO had accepted that proposal, the uncertainty would have been at an end.’

“Rural GPs now face further uncertainty. The Acting Minister for Health must ensure this scheme is prioritised and a new deadline for implementation is set and met”.