We have now commenced legal communications with the PCRS with regard to the non-payment of special type consultation fees in relation to an emergency clinic operated on Saturdays in the Palm Clinic in Gorey.

The NAGP strongly believes that this is not an isolated issue and that such non-payments are in fact affecting GPs across the country.

There now appears to be a concerted effort by the PCRS to withhold payments to GPs wherever possible and without good reason.  We will take aggressive action on behalf of our members challenging the current impasse between the PCRS and GPs.

We embarked on a publicity campaign from both a local and national perspective and have achieved widespread support from media supporting the Gorey Practice. The media are beginning to understand that general practice is truly in crisis and the viability of general practice, as we know it, is under a real and sustained threat.

We need to garner further support locally while continuing to lobby at a national level in order to secure funding and importantly, in order to secure a reversal of FEMPI cuts thus enabling the successful future of General Practice.

See media clip HERE.

Listen to the radio broadcast HERE.

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As you maybe aware a similar situation is occurring with regard to Phlebotomy. The PCRS are refunding payments made by patients to their GP for blood tests. However they are subsequently deducting these payments from the GP’s monthly GMS payment

This activity is not acceptable and the NAGP will ensure that it is challenged at the highest level.