Following a series of local ‘town hall’ meetings,  the NAGP recently organised our largest information meeting to date in the Double Tree by Hilton hotel. This Dublin meeting attracted an audience of close to 500 GPs, all with one common purpose: to discuss the future of general practice following a series of against the backdrop of a number of savage budget cuts which that has put the future our profession, as we know it, on the brink of extinction.

The Dublin meeting was the sixth in a series of meetings grass roots events and reflected the growing crisis in general practice, and the profound sense of anger felt by GPs, across the country. It was this sense of anger, disbelief and frustration, masterfully articulated by our NAGP spokespersons, that finally began to crystallise in the eyes of the media.

Our comprehensive media campaign saw NAGP spokespersons championing the cause of general practice, highlighting the devastating impact of FEMPI cuts on the day-to-day running of our businesses,  and correcting the often flawed and inaccurate portrayal of our profession in the media. The opportunities see (combined readers, listeners and viewers of media) exceeded the 20 million mark. More importantly, it has thrust the issues that we as a profession face on a day-today basis onto the agenda – political and public.

Symbolically, the press briefing, which was attended by national print, broadcast and online media, also saw the NAGP, the IMO and the ICGP address the assembled media to emphasise the detrimental impact of budget cuts and proposed legislation on general practice.

Some of the media highlights, to coincide with the NAGP Dublin event, included:

·         Front page of the Sunday Times
·         Full page in the Irish Times health supplement
·         NAGP opinion piece in the Irish Examiner
·         RTE TV’s 9 O’Clock News, The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’Connor and Morning Edition
·         RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland and Drivetime with Mary Wilson
·         Newstalk 106: Newstalk Breakfast and The Pat Kenny Show
·         The Last Word with Matt Cooper
·         Front pages of Irish Medical News and Irish Medical Times
·         Two pages in the Irish Daily Mail
·         Half page in the Irish Independent

Radio Broadcast

(10.04.14) Morning Ireland:!rii=9%3A20560050%3A0%3A%3A
(09.04.14) Today FM Matt Cooper: Interview with Dr Aifric Boylan and Chris Goodey. No longer available.
(09.04.14) Drivetime:!rii=9%3A20560413%3A0%3A%3A
(09.04.14) Newstalk Breakfast: Interview with Dr Stephen Murphy. No longer available
(09.04.14) Newstalk: Syndicated news bulletin. No longer available
(09.04.14) UTV Radio: Syndicated news bulletin. No longer available
(08.04.14) Newstalk Pat Kenny: Interview with Chris Goodey. No longer available

TV Broadcast

(09.04.14) RTE News 9 O’Clock :
(09.04.14) RTE Morning Edition: Interview with Chris Goodey and Dr Andy Jordan. No longer available.

Online Coverage

(10.04.14) The