#GP-Protest – #February6

Dear Member,

As you are aware on 6th February 2019 at 2.00pm, we will gather to hold a mass protest outside Dáil Éireann. We will be organising a slow drive of “Doctor On Call Cars” from Merrion Square to the Dáil at 2.00pm.

The aim of this protest is to highlight to Government that a complete reversal of FEMPI without preconditions is now the only option that will be accepted by General Practice.

Please find a template letter HERE to give to your patients and poster HERE for the surgery explaining why you are protesting.


We need you to attend the GP protest and stand with your colleagues and make a difference. Bring your Surgery staff with you. Close your surgery if you see fit.

Let your local TD know that this protest is happening and why and ask them to meet you on the day.

We understand that you and your practice are extremely busy and that taking a day out of your surgery will impact on the rest of your working week. However, you need to do this if a change is ever going to happen.

Please do not think my colleagues can represent me, I don’t have time. They can’t. Unless you and every other GP attend we will not have the impact that will be necessary to drive change.

Your personal participation is vital. If you are talking to local media these our our key messages.

  • We have one of the most expensive yet inefficient health systems in the world.
  • Evidence from around the world confirms that community-based health systems, like the family doctor system, are the most efficient, safe and effective.
  • Our politicians are not listening and ludicrously this government seems determined to suffocate and destroy General Practice.
  • Young, newly trained GPs are emigrating and older GPs are giving up and retiring early.
  • Years of successive cuts in Government funding for General Practice has created an inefficient unstructured health system, which is now collapsing.
  • Public representatives need to be held to account for this grave failure.
  • The number of doctors who can no longer take on any more patients is a growing crisis.
  • The medical card system can no longer cope, having been starved of resources for a decade.
  • There are not enough GPs to serve the public and many are having to retire early, due to burnout.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times and looking forward to seeing you on February 6th at 2.00pm.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the National Council
Chris Goodey
Chief Executive
National Association of General Practitioners

Additional information:

Exact timings
12.30pm Meet Merrion Square for those GPs who will be participating in the slow drive.

2.00pm For all other GPs and practice staff meet outside Buswells Hotel.

How many GPs do we need to have the desired impact?
Over 500…. so that means you need to come yourself bring your colleagues and drive up together – close your practice if you choose.

Where and when are we assembling?
We will start assembling outside Buswells Hotel at 2.00pm February 6th

Who will be joining us?
TDs and senators have been invited to join us and support us in our protest – we will be asking them to demonstrate with us in solidarity.

What is the dress code?
Smart casual with a stethoscope and dress warm bring an umbrella and a warm coat.

If I am bringing my car to participate in the slow drive what time do I need to arrive and where do we meet?
Please arrive at 12.30pm in Merrion Square near the Merrion Hotel so we can dress the cars with emergency lighting and “Doctor on call” signage.