General Practice is the cornerstone of medical care in Ireland and General Practitioners (GPs) are committed to the provision of high-quality services to their patients. GP services to public patients are provided under General Medical Services (GMS) contracts between GPs and the Health Service Executive (HSE). The development of a new GP contract is now under consideration which will require meaningful consultation and agreement with all the GPs providing these services. The National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) represents a significant number of GPs throughout the country and therefore must be included in the negotiation of the new contract. This document is an initial submission by the NAGP highlighting major issues affecting the GPs providing the service which have to be addressed in the development of a new GMS contract. The document was drawn up after a national consultation meeting of NAGP members and non-members. While it is recognised that there are fundamental long-term issues for which detailed long-term planning is required (including care of patients with chronic disease) going forward, this submission focuses on a range of recurring issues which have to be progressed in the short term to meet current unmet needs of GPs in order that high-quality services can be provided effectively.

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