Exceedis Technology Systems

The NAGP are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Exceedis Technology Systems. Through this collaboration, the NAGP are now able to pass on benefits agreed for our members with a Free Independent IT Audit as well as discounted rates on Hardware and Managed IT Services. Exceedis are already a successful and trusted provider of IT Services to many GP’s.

GP’s rely heavily on IT systems daily. The efficient running of a practice demands reliable, responsive and secure systems. Like any business GP’s can also find themselves facing unwanted IT challenges. Some examples that maybe all too well familiar are;

  • My staff are finding our systems slow.
  • My practice manager spends a lot of time dealing with IT.
  • I’m unsure if my systems are secured, up to date or backed up correctly?
  • Where can I get a 2nd opinion or comparison quote on my IT?
  • Who can I trust to act in my best interest, who will always be there and respond quickly?
  • Why aren’t my IT issues being fixed completely so they don’t reoccur?
  • I want to deal with one person, one familiar voice. Not a helpdesk queue.

Exceedis are solving these problems and more by delivering an exceptional service daily to GP’s.

Here is what Exceedis can do

  • Dramatically reduce inefficient time spent by staff on IT (Exceedis handle it all, from toner orders to PCRS certificate installs).
  • Improve the efficiency and speed of your systems.
  • Ensure the safety and security of your data.
  • Liaise with 3rd parties on your behalf e.g. broadband providers, software companies etc.
  • Provide free project management services (e.g. moving premises)
  • Free independent Advice, Auditing and discounted rates for NAGP members.
  • Speedy response and resolution of issues in and out of office hours with a familiar voice and direct line.
  • Provide a human approach to IT where we listen, advise and act in the GP’s best interest.
  • Lower cost hardware options guaranteed.
  • Used by GP’s, Trusted by GP’s, Referred by GP’s (We can find a GP close to you to act as a reference site)

To avail of this service and offer please contact Exceedis directly:

John Ryan

Solutions Expert, Phone: 086 3940312,  john@exceed.ie