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As part of our drive to unite general practice under one umbrella, the NAGP have made new flexible offers available to our members:

  • Full Annual Membership 2016 €625
  • Retired GP Membership 2016 €75
  • Locum GPs €500
  • Part time GPs (>20 hours) €350
  • Associate members – Non GPs – Full Annual Membership €200
  • All GP trainees FREE
  • Newly Established GPs (1- 4 years outside training scheme) €350 per annum
  • Group membership from €500 per annum per member

If you would like to discuss an alternative plan or payment options, please email

10 reasons to encourage your colleagues to join NAGP

  1. The cost of membership is only €625 per annum
  2. Stronger membership figures will generate the critical funding the union requires to finance our legal challenges, employ staff to deal efficiently with ongoing member queries and issues, and continue our public relations campaigns and lobbying activities.
  3. Having secured our negotiating licence, the NAGP is now in a position to fully represent you and negotiate with the Department of Health and the HSE on your behalf.
  4. We only represent GPs, not all doctors – Irish general practice has never had more need of an independent voice.
  5. We continue to insist upon the reversal of the FEMPI cuts and the removal of the threat of competition law.
  6. We actively campaign against the ill-conceived universal health insurance scheme and the under-6’s and over 70’s contracts.
  7. We continue to insist upon full negotiations between the NAGP and all relevant bodies.
  8. The NAGP achieved a critical mass of almost 2000 GP members. This allows the association to represent you on a level playing field.
  9. The NAGP was responsible for organising the very successful GP/TD meetings across the country. The meetings allowed us to present the issues directly to the political decision-makers.
  10. In September 2014, we organised the first ever public protest of GPs in Ireland to highlight that general practice is at breaking point.

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