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We have had to adjust our membership fees to ensure the viability of our organisation as recommended by our auditors. To view the audit letter, please click here. The slight increases to our fees are to hire additional industrial relations support staff and extend more valuable services to our members.

In order to allow us to grow and expand our membership base, the NAGP have made new flexible offers available to our members:

  • Full Annual Membership €775 per annum
  • Group Membership from €650 per annum
  • Retired GP Membership €75 per annum
  • Locum GPs €450 per annum
  • Part time GPs (>20 hours) €450 per annum
  • Associate members – Non GPs – Full Annual Membership €200 per annum
  • All GP trainees Free
  • Newly Established GPs (1- 4 years outside training scheme) €450 per annum

If you would like to discuss an alternative plan or payment options, please email

10 reasons to encourage your colleagues to join NAGP

  1. The cost of membership is only €775 per annum
  2. NAGP membership stands at over 2000 GP members. This allows the association to represent you on a level playing field.
  3. Having a negotiating licence enables the NAGP to fully represent you and negotiate with the Department of Health and the HSE on your behalf.
  4. We only represent GPs, not all doctors – Irish general practice has never had more need of an independent voice.
  5. We have twenty GPs on our National Council, representing the views of all of our GP members.
  6. The NAGP has proven itself to be a proactive and creative organisation and this ethos will continue into the future.
  7. We continue to press for a new GP contract and insist upon the reversal of the FEMPI cuts.
  8. We publish numerous submissions annually. See full list
  9. The NAGP is committed to best practice within the primary care sector and will strive to promote and protect the high standards already in place.
  10. We strive to transform our healthcare model. We endeavour to advance our system to that of a Total Population Health Management system through lobbying Government and gaining key insights from global best practices.

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