Fannin Direct Voucher

NAGP members can avail of an exclusive €500 voucher for Fannin Direct.

You will need to register with Fannin Direct and provide your Medical Council Number in order to avail of the discount. Once you’ve registered, Fannin Direct will set up your Online Account and send your login details. When you login, your vouchers will be ready to use.

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The GMS Dashboard

The NAGP are delighted to introduce an exclusive members offer which will help you to maximise your PCRS payments. NAGP members now enjoy exclusive access to The GMS Dashboard provided by Abbey Medical along with a reduced rate of €45 plus vat per month.

The GMS Dashboard is a comprehensive set of monthly reports which interrogate the payments made to every GMS GP in your Practice in the ‘Pink Sheets’. This data is then presented to you in an easy to follow overall Practice Summary and in more comprehensive individual reports for each of your GP panels. Critical items such as capitation, leave allowances, STCs and practice support subsidies are analysed and summarised. No payment or deduction is overlooked. Areas of concern are highlighted each month and actual payments are compared to maximum potential claims based on panel size, weighted panels, employees hours and more.
Average payments per patient are compared to averages received across the entire database. STC values and quantities are compared to average and ‘best performing’ Practices. The ability to benchmark your GMS performance against the average and best performance of your GP colleagues is now available to you.
12 months of rolling data is provided every month, so not only can you compare your performance against that of your peers you can also compare internal trends over the previous 12 months.

  • What is my average monthly income per GMS patient in the Practice and how does it compare to other Practices?
  • Am I being paid the maximum practice support subsidies for my Practice?
  • How do our STC claims compare against the industry norms and the highest claiming Practices?
  • Have I been paid all my annual and study leave?
  • Did I get my medical indemnity rebate?
  • Have I received and filed all my F45 certs?

These are just a sample of the unending list of questions. Answer these and many more with just 10 minutes of GMS Dashboard analysis every month. These are the reports that every GMS doctor cannot and should not manage their business without.


As part of our drive to unite general practice under one umbrella, the NAGP have made new flexible offers available to our members:

  • Full Annual Membership 2016 – €625
  • Monthly membership €62.50 per month
  • Retired GP Membership 2016 €75
  • Locum GPs €500
  • Part time GPs (>20 hours) €350
  • Associate members – Non GPs – Full Annual Membership €200
  • All GP trainees FREE
  • Newly Established GPs (1- 4 years
  • outside training scheme) €350 per annum

Member mobile offer with

We have negotiated a fantastic deal with Three mobile under their staff offers scheme. All members can now avail of a €45 per month plan made up of the following:

iPhone 7 or
Samsung S7

All Calls

All you
can eat

All texts

To sign up to this 24 month contract you will need to have your Medical Council number to hand and call 01 202 1662. The friendly staff offer team will then take your details, your bank info and a delivery address to ship the phone of your choice to you overnight.
You need to be a first time connection to the Three network; porting from another mobile operator to Three bill pay; or on pre pay to take up the offer. Otherwise you can email with your out of contract date and they will call you at that time to set up the deal for you.
The whole process only takes about 4-5minutes. Members can add family to the offer as well. Meanwhile staff at your practice can call 01 202 1662 and avail of the healthcare staff offer.
Finally, Three have also set up some excellent landline offers to help lower landline costs for your practice. Call 01 202 1662 to be put through to the dedicated landline team.

These offers are a great opportunity to update your mobile phones and landlines while lowering costs,
for you, your practice and your staff. Please make the most of the opportunity.

Pension & Investment Platform

The NAGP collaborated with Business Medical, a team of independent business consultants with specialist expertise in advising GPs, offering members free initial consultations and discounted consultancy fees.

Through this partnership, the NAGP are delighted to offer the NAGP / Business Medical Pension and Investment Platform to members. Members benefit from a competitive charging structure and bespoke investment portfolios with the unique feature of incorporating the investment strategy of the GMS Pension Scheme. The individual advisory service on this platform is provided by MGM Financial Services Ltd, (at no extra cost to members) who are the financial consultancy arm of Business Medical. The platform is powered by Davy Select and is Ireland’s first wealth management platform of its kind. The NAGP is confident that the combination of MGM Financial Services Ltd’s specialist knowledge and expertise in advising GPs coupled with Davy’s global investment expertise and financial strength, makes this a valuable offering to members.

To find out more click here or contact MGM Financial Services Ltd directly:

Mary Goodman

Financial Planing Director

Ph: 086 777 0266

Declan Gahan

Financial Planning Director

Ph 086 777 0283

MGM Financial Services Ltd is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland

Membership Information

The National Association of General Practitioners represents solely the interests of general practice, and while we will work with other organisations to further the interests of GPs, we have no other agenda to push or promote.

The benefits of joining the NAGP include:

  • Support in times of crisis from a group that really cares about your interests
  • A powerful body to represent your interests in negotiations with Government and to represent individual GPs with issues related to pensions, pay or other concerns
  • Reasonable membership fees that represent good value for money (annual membership is €625 per GP)
  • All fees go directly to promoting the interests of GPs in Ireland and there is full transparency as to where your fees are being spent
  • A network of colleagues intent on promoting the best interests of primary care
  • Information on general practice in Ireland and abroad

We are actively engaging/lobbying politicians and stakeholders regarding:

  • Open transparent and unconditional negotiations with NAGP
  • A commitment from government to allocate between 1% and 2% of funding per year for 5 years from secondary care to general practice.
  • PCRS reform
  • Clarification on Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Clarification regarding Professional Indemnity Insurance and part time GPs

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