NAGPAGA2016-1721. Dr. Tadgh O’ Carroll
That all patients register with one medical practice, as is done presently in the UK.

2. Dr. Mary Flynn
The NAGP calls on all political parties/representatives and stakeholders to form an independent expert health committee to develop a long-term health strategy for the next 20 years.

3. Dr. Yvonne Williams
The NAGP calls on the HSE/PCRS to fund GP locum allowances to current market levels.

4. Dr. Emmett Kerin 
The NAGP calls on the HSE to establish and finance a CPD fund for GPs.
Amended & Passed

5. Dr. Conor McGee
The NAGP calls on the DOH/HSE to address the manpower crisis in general practice.
Amended & Passed

6. Dr. Liam Glynn
The NAGP calls for the immediate restoration of distance band codes.

7. Dr. Dan Crowley 
This union calls for an urban deprivation allowance to be included in the GMS capitation fee.
Amended & Passed

8. Dr. Andy Jordan
The NAGP’s 1,482 members call on the Minister for Health/DOH/HSE to begin negotiations with the NAGP.
Amended & Passed

9. Dr. Tadgh O’ Carroll
A representative from the NAGP, the only union, exclusively representing GPs should be invited to join the ED Taskforce.

10. Dr. Mary Flynn 
Single handed GPs should be entitled to a practice manager allowance in addition to nursing and secretarial subsidies.
Amended & passed


11. Dr. Ben Parmeter
That in the event that the Department of Health releases a new GMS contract without engaging in contract negotiations with the NAGP, that the NAGP recommends that all members withdraw their involvement from the Out of Hours Co-ops until such time that the Department of Health withdraws such a contract and permits the NAGP to negotiate on behalf of its members.

12. Dr. Oliver White
That General Practitioners receive an appropriate professional fee for domiciliary visits.
Amended & Passed

13. Dr. Terry Coll
The NAGP calls for the introduction of part-time, job share and flexible GMS contracts, and for the terms and conditions of such contracts to be included in the upcoming GMS contract negotiations.

14. Dr David Rabinowicz
Propose that the NAGP examine the potential to challenge the Competition Authority as a matter of urgency.

15. Dr. David Rabinowicz
Propose that the NAGP examine a strategy for action in case an U12 contract is agreed prior to a New GMS contract.

16. Dr. John Garvey
The NAGP proposes that the Irish State should set itself the fundamental goal of creating and maintaining the finest and most egalitarian Health Care System in the world.

17. Dr. Derek O’ Connell
That the NAGP calls for GP surgeries to be exempt from rates similar to HSE and other public service premises.