Supporting the business of primary care
20 May 2013: Marking a significant development, ISME will provide expert advice and support on key business services including tax, accounting, HR and other key functions to members of the National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) ensuring the effective delivery of vital primary care services in the community.

The Memorandum of Understanding between ISME and the NAGP establishes the provision of support to NAGP members on an individual basis. In addition, ISME will provide general support services to the NAGP including the provision of office facilities, business advice, human resource support and assistance with the Association’s lobbying activities.

The NAGP – which represents the interests of general practitioners in Ireland – has recently been re-launched and has hired a new chief executive, Chris Goodey, to build the Association into the pre-eminent voice for Irish general practice.

Speaking at the announcement of the ISME agreement, Mr Goodey, CEO of the NAGP said: “This agreement with ISME allows us to provide tax advice, business services and other much-needed supports to help our general practitioner members provide a gold standard service to the patients and communities they serve. This support is vital to maintain the high level of GP care we in Ireland have come to expect, and which is the envy of other jurisdictions including the UK and US.”

“In light of recent cutbacks, GPs are coming under increasing pressure and require this type of specialised support to meet their established and ongoing commitment to provide safe, high-quality care to patients” he continued.

The goal of the NAGP is to work in cooperation with other medical groups and stakeholders to ensure that the quality service being delivered by general practice to often vulnerable patients is not compromised by ongoing budget cuts to the health service.

ISME Chief Executive, Mr Mark Fielding, welcomed the understanding between the two groups saying: “It is vitally important that medical practitioners have a modern and competent business back up service to give them peace of mind, while allowing them to concentrate on the medical side. ISME is proud to be associated with the NAGP and looks forward to being of assistance to the profession.”

Mr Goodey said that he hoped to build the membership base of the NAGP through providing services and support to general practice that was badly needed at this time. “This is an exciting and challenging time for primary care in Ireland as we witness many more services moving to the community. The NAGP will work to maintain high-quality primary care services in Ireland, and to see that these services are properly developed and further improved over time.”


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About the NAGP
The Association of General Practitioners was set up in 1987 by a group of GPs in Mullingar and one of its first actions was a High Court case establishing the right of fee-per-item GPs to continue in the G.M.S. This was a seminal case in Irish medicine and demonstrated that GPs needed a separate organization to properly represent their particular interests in Irish medicine.

In 1995, the AGP sought the right to be a negotiating body. The case was lost but in a detailed judgment from Justice O’Hanlon it was clear that all that was lacking was a sufficient number of members. The case was a strong one and costs were not awarded against the organisation.

In May 2013 the organization was re-launched as the National Association for General Practitioners with a view to represent the particular needs of general practice and negotiate and lobby on behalf of general practitioners on an individual and group level. This would require an increase in membership focused on the particular concerns of general practice.

It also required a stronger and more active organization. Accordingly, the NAGP appointed Chris Goodey as its chief executive, to build the organization to a point where it would have enough members to acquire a negotiating licence and the credibility to speak on behalf of Irish GPs.
About Chris Goodey
Chris Goodey has over two decades experience in publishing and set up Ireland’s largest medical publishing house, Eireann Publications, in 1994. Since then he has launched 17 separate medical titles and created a myriad of medical events including scientific conferences and medical awards. During this time he organised the prestigious “Doctor Awards” which is now in its 16th year.

In 2002 he launched First Medical Communications, which engaged in lobbying on behalf of patient groups and medical organisations. In 2008 he sold his publishing interests and re-branded his business as a communications company, the M+C Group.

Over the following three years he consolidated the company into five divisions – Digital Media, Public Relations, Media Buying, Event Management and Creative. With a turnover of €5 million and a staff of 27, it became one of the leading communications companies in Ireland and the standard bearer in the healthcare field.

In 2011, Chris sold his remaining shares in the company to the other partners and left to pursue other interests outside of Ireland. Chris returned to Ireland in 2013 and was appointed to the position of Chief Executive by the Executive Committee of the AGP and given the remit to re-launch the organisation as the NAGP