The NAGP have today released the results of the first ballot question put to its members. This is the first of 3 questions, with the next question to be put to members on Wednesday 7th February.

On Wednesday of this week, the question “should the NAGP recommend to its members to revise their existing participation in the out of hours services commensurate with patient safety concerns and to comply with existing European directive on hours worked by doctors?” was put to members. Today, the results are in.

The ballot was taken by SMS and in total there were 1830 messages delivered. The result shows that 84% of respondents are in favour of revising their existing participation in the out of hours service.

The NAGP have repeatedly called on the HSE to take corrective action in relation to patient safety and doctor health, only for the calls to be ignored. In anticipation of an upcoming report from the HSE on the revision of the out of hours service, the NAGP again calls on the HSE to take clear and decisive corrective action to directly address these issues.

The NAGP believes that the issues of patient safety and doctors health are key contributory factors to the ever-deepening crisis in general practice. Now is the time for action from the HSE.

Chris Goodey, CEO of the NAGP, commented, “We sought a mandate from members with regard to patient safety, doctors’ health and the provision of out of hours care and we received an overwhelming response to the first ballot – we now have that mandate and appropriate recommendations and actions will be discussed at our AGM in four weeks time.”

This result, along with the results of the next two ballot questions, will be discussed by members at the NAGP Annual General Meeting on March 2nd & 3rd at the Clayton Silver Springs Hotel in Cork.

The next ballot question will be put to members at midday on February 7th.