Dear Colleague,

As I am sure you are aware, the government has imposed the 4th FEMPI cut in as many years.This has resulted in severe hardship for many family doctors. It is estimated that up to 10% of general practices could be threatened with closure.

Many GPs feel that it is time to stop this assault on the fabric of Irish General Practice. We feel that the disproportionate cuts imposed on the budget, and resources of General Practice, has much to do with the fact that General Practitioners have not had a vocal and proactive lobby group.However, you may have seen that this has changed with the reforming of the Association of General Practitioners under the new title The National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP). Membership is growing fast. However we need 1,000 members to have right of negotiation.

The more members we have, the more resources we have at our disposal and the greater the noise we can make.
There has been much positive publicity (from GPs’ perspective) in the media of late, and this is directly due to the efforts of the NAGP.

We are launching a campaign highlighting the crisis that is affecting General Practice. We are in the process of producing a poster, patient information leaflet and asking patients to sign a petition to “Save Our General Practice”.

The campaign will launch in Cork in September and will role out across the country over the forthcoming weeks. We would very much appreciate your support by joining the NAGP and endorsing the campaign. The way to change the systematic dismantling of General Practice is to empower the patient and lobby through powerful media representation.

The NAGP is not an alternative to the IMO, as many of our aims are the same, but the NAGP will focus exclusively on the interests of General Practice (much as the IHCA does for consultants).

Membership rates are very reasonable; please click on our membership page to join the campaign.
Please don’t sit back and leave the defense of our system of General Practice to others. We need numbers and fast!
Ni neart go cur le ceile!”


Dr Don Punch

Dr Daniel Crowley

Dr Una Barry

Dr Lucy Flemming

Dr Derek O’Connell