The emergency campaign, which was launched in Cork, will be rolled out nationally in the coming weeks. Its aim is raise awareness in the general public of the detrimental impact of the FEMPI cuts on GPs and their patients.

Chairman of the NAGP, Dr Andy Jordan outlined the crisis facing General Practice in Ireland very well in an interview on Drivetime on Radio 1 on Monday, August 19th. To hear the full interview, click here. The launch of the NAGP’s nationwide patient awareness campaign, General Practice in Crisis last week (August 19th, 2013) has received extensive coverage in the print and broadcast media.

Here’s Dr Andy Jordan outlining the reasons behind the launch of the campaign on The Right Hook on Newstalk on August 19th.

And Dr Jordan discussing the impact of the latest round of savage FEMPI cuts on The Last Word on Today FM.

Here’s NAGP Secretary Dr Donal Punch talking to Newstalk’s lunchtime news programme about the increased workload being burdened on GPs against a background of funding cuts for medical card patients.

Dr Conor McGee tells Clare FM that waiting lists for patients in local GP practices are becoming a reality.

Waterford GP Dr Conor O’Neill told The Irish Times (Tuesday, August 20th, 2013) of his fears that he could be one of the first of the first GPs forced to close his doors as a result of funding cutbacks. To read the full story, click here.

And the Irish Medical Times printed an interview with Dr Andy Jordan and Dr Conor McGee who highlighted the need to protect GP services in light of the cuts.

Click here to download the article (PDF)

The Evening Echo in Cork also published an article on the launch of the GP in Crisis campaign on August 22nd, 2013.

Click here to download the article (PDF)