The NAGP, last week, wrote to the IMO and the ICGP requesting an emergency meeting between all Stakeholders. The NAGP is calling on the HSE & Dept of Health to engage with all Representative bodies immediately. The NAGP has grave concerns regarding the chaos that will erupt after July 1st if the under 6s scheme proceeds as is currently proposed. Patient safety will be put at risk, waiting lists are inevitable and general practice will become like an emergency department.

Letters have been sent to the, ICGP CEO, the ICGP Chairperson, the IMO Chief Operating Officer and the Chairperson of the IMO National GP Committee.

Mr Chris Goodey, CEO of the National Association of General Practitioners, said the NAGP is concerned at the level of division which the contract has created among GPs, and believes that it is essential that all representative organisations come together to ensure the future of general practice in this country.

“There has never been a more divisive issue in general practice. The fear and uncertainty that GPs have regarding this contract has been used to pit one against the other, and as representative bodies, we must not let this division continue,” Mr Goodey said.

“GPs are receiving conflicting information from several different sources and are being told that their practice will lose income if another GP in their area signs or that the entire speciality will be sacrificing future investment if the under-6s scheme is not accepted. This has placed huge pressure on GPs and has caused individuals to become isolated from their colleagues. This is a situation which will only weaken general practice into the future.”

Mr Goodey said “Government policy coupled with this draconian contract does nothing to address the targeted destruction of rural general practice or any of the other major issues that are destroying community medicine”  he added “Ultimately, the NAGP, the ICGP and the IMO all want the same thing – appropriate investment and resources for general practice and the ability to provide a safe, effective primary care health service for patients. The best chance we have of attaining that goal is to work together constructively in the interest of all our members and more importantly the patients.”