At their AGM last weekend, 19th & 20th May, the National Association of General Practitioners called for enhanced End-of Life Planning and Care Packages in General Practice. These enhanced packages would avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and ensure a higher level of care at end of life.

Dr. Ronan Fawsitt, a Kilkenny GP who proposed the motion at the AGM, said, “The NAGP believe that the HSE should negotiate and implement an end of life planning and care package for general practice to assist patients at end of life, to die with dignity at home or in their nursing home, with their family around them and supported by their GP”. 

The motion was seconded by Dr. Emmet Kerin, NAGP President, and passed by all GPs in attendance.

Dr. Fawsitt continued, “This will reduce medically unnecessary admissions to hospital for dying patients. Family doctors already assist patients and their families through this process but it is important that further supports are put in place to make things easier for patients and families. This will support GPs to provide extra home visits, family meetings, multi-disciplinary care planning, pain relief and pump-drivers at the very end of life.”