The National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) is appealing to Minister Harris to give an update on the GP contract negotiations and the reversal of FEMPI.

The current contract is over 40 years old and is outdated. It is a reactionary ‘sickness’ rather than a ‘wellness’ contract which the NAGP is urging for.  The new contract should have a strong focus on preventative health, as well as predicting, managing and reversing chronic disease as much as possible.

On March 16th, Minister Simon Harris reiterated his commitment to engage with general practitioner representatives to discuss reforming the GP contract. In his statement, Minister Harris said, “I expect to brief Cabinet in further detail at the Government meeting on 27 March.”

The NAGP is concerned that this negotiation is being deferred yet again, with the effects being felt in our communities and amongst our GPs. The NAGP wants to have equal parity in these negotiations, with full and equal input into the new contract, equal to all other contributors. In a recent ballot of our members, 84% of our members said they would not sign a contract that hadn’t been equally negotiated by the NAGP.  Dr Matt O’Tuathail, President of NAGP said “the Minister has on numerous occasions admitted the stranglehold FEMPI has on General Practice, we need action and clarity now”.

We strongly urge Minister Simon Harris to inform all GP representatives as to when he intends to brief Cabinet, so that these negotiations can commence.

We look forward to this engagement as equal partners for a shared future, a future that is focused on improving patient care for the 21st century with a resourced General Practice playing its full part.