The NAGP has recently completed negotiations with BMJ Learning to provide online CPD to all members for only €35 per annum from January 2014.

BMJ Learning is one of the world’s largest and most trusted independent online learning providers for medical professionals and is used in over 100 countries.

The company has a proven track record of providing high-quality online medical education for health professionals worldwide via a proven technology platform in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner with measurable outcomes.

Online CME Service

The BMJ Learning online portfolio tool with online CME courses and certification provides the functionality of an online CME service that helps doctors and nurses to fulfill your CME requirements and assists monitoring and recording of doctors and nurses’ CME credits .

Launched in 2003, BMJ Learning has since developed specially customised channels in collaboration with many international health groups, including NICE, UK Department of Health, the UK Paramedics Association, the UK Emergency Medicine Association, the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, the Iraq Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Medical Services Dubai.

BMJ Learning is accredited for CME/CPD points in several countries (RCP, OMSB, EPASS, DHA, CMA, DAIM,  etc)

Peer-reviewed resource

BMJ Learning offers a comprehensive, peer-reviewed educational resource to health care professionals, covering a wide range of medical specialties in a variety of module types, in both clinical and non-clinical areas, including: evidence-based reviews and interactive case histories.

The majority of courses are clinical and comprehensively cover a wide range of specialties. Non-clinical courses are also available and cover areas such as: management, research and publication, self-auditing, teaching, communication and leadership.

Wide Variety of Learning Resources

BMJ Learning provides a wide variety of online learning resources to cater for learners with different learning styles. These include:

  • Interactive case histories (these involve a pre-test, a number of interactive case presentations and a post-test)
  • Just-in-time learning resources (these are evidence-based reviews with assessment questions at the end)
  • Read reflect respond learning resources (these are reflective type courses about ethical issues or professionalism)
  • Audio courses (these are a series of podcast interviews with internationally renowned speakers)
  • Multimedia courses (these contain state-of-the-art multimedia and interactivity)
  • Super-specialist interactive case histories that we have produced in association with the BMJ Specialist Journals including Heart, Gut, and the Emergency Medical Journal

For further information on the extensive range of courses offered by BMJ Learning, go to